A Makeover for Your Kitchen Without Spending a Fortune

If your kitchen is showing signs of ageing and you would like to bring it back to life, your research probably reveals a project of this kind can be quite an expense. In this post I will give you my tips for overhauling your kitchen without investing too much money.

Kitchen Cabinets

The first thing to do is to choose some new hardware for your kitchen cabinets. This is one of the small things that you can do to make your kitchen look more modern. A vast array of doorknobs handles and other kitchen furniture can be found in any home improvement shop in your neighbourhood.

You may have a wooden floor in your kitchen and if you can’t afford to have it resurfaced, you can have a go at painting it. A fresh coat of paint on your kitchen floor will give a clean look which is both practical and cosy.

It is likely that your cabinets are still strong enough to cope with your cookware dishes and plates, but it is highly likely that the appearance may seem shabby worn out or even scratch. As I mentioned earlier changing your cabinets can be quite an expense, so my advice is if they are still usable give them a good cleanup or paint them. This is certainly one job you could do yourself to save money.

Kitchen makeover

In order to introduce a little variety into your cabinet arrangements try removing a cabinet door or two. You can then display some of your favourite tableware or decorative items. Let your imagination run wild when it comes to displaying your favourite things here.

Decorative plates and bowls as well as fancy pictures are just a few things that come to my mind.

Kitchen Sink

When it comes to your kitchen sink if it is stained or damaged you may want to think about changing it. This is something you will need to find a plumber to help you with as although a sink is relatively cheap item for the kitchen and easy to change you will need to have it plumbed in. At this time you may want to consider buying a new faucet this really can bring new shine to your kitchen.

Paint Your Walls

Don’t forget to take a good look at your walls. By now they may have stains and cooking splatters on them. You can either employee a painter to give your kitchen area a fresh coat of paint or you may want to save even more money by doing it yourself by covering just the unsightly marks.

Kitchen Lighting

Another easy way to brighten up your kitchen is by installing or repairing your current lighting. Don’t rule out fluorescent lights as these can really illuminate your kitchen magnificently particularly if you install them under the counter. In this way you can provide lighting where you need it most is for example during food preparation. Complement your main lighting with a nice looking light fixture. This can be installed as a centrepiece over your kitchen table which could really add a sophisticated finishing touch.

Change Your Linens

Another way to update the look of your kitchen is by changing the curtains. But don’t stop with just the curtains; think about investing in new tablecloths and other fabrics such as tea towels.

By changing the linens in your kitchen you can create a new theme such as a playful one which will be perfect for young children or try something more upmarket with a country theme if you are looking for a more sophisticated look.

In summary then, it really is possible to bring your kitchen back to life without spending a lot of cash. I hope that you’ll have fun making these inexpensive upgrades in your kitchen and that you spend many wonderful hours with your family and friends enjoying this important part of your home.

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